We specialize in representing candidate in applications for temporary resident visa application such as

Study Permit: Canada education system is regarded as one of the best in the world and it keeps maintaining its pride of place. We understand the need for foreigners who deserve and seek to have the best of education and do assist in in their choice of university or college. We assist with admissions, intent letter review and general paperwork. We have a sound knowledge of the requirements for school in Canada and prepare our applicants ahead to meet such requirements. Three of our team members are graduates of Canadian schools and this helps the way we serve our clients. We manage correspondences with schools and students to facilitate our student client’s application. Our processes with the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada are honest, truly representative and geared towards presenting the necessary required documents to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which includes the necessity of the student to study in Canada and the ability of his or her sponsor (self or other) to pay their school fees throughout schooling amongst others.


Visitor Visa: We provide services in temporary resident visa for tourists from outside Canada. We analyze reasons for travel and ensure they are in line with Canada’s admissibility rules. We provide services in visa application for vacation, educational, and medical trips, among others. We partner with ElshCap Consult, a recruiting and business consultancy firm who organizes group family tours, investment, and educational seminars, among others. Our partners take care of hospitality, insurance and other usually overlooked detail of short visits to Canada.


Work Permit: We provide services for temporary workers, businesspeople, students and caregivers to apply for work permits through various pathways.





Others Include:
Agricultural Seasonal worker
Super visa for Parents and Grandparents
International Experience Canada
Temporary work for Caregivers    


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