Foreign Worker Immigration Program: The program is designed to help employers find reliable employees. There are numerous benefits in hiring foreign nationals within and outside Canada.

  • We find qualified employees and match them with employer organizations. In addition, we make sure that they meet all the requirements to migrate to Canada and facilitate their application.
  • We help facilitate employers’ designation to hire foreign workers through appropriate programs based on the province where the business resides such as Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP), Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and in some case Job Vacancy Assessment. We guide the employer through the application process.
  • We assist with interview platforms enabling employers select their preferred candidate and facilitate the candidate’s immigration paperwork, travel logistics as well as connecting the employers to their workers on arrival with a brief welcome protocol by our personnel.
  • With rich in-depth understanding of immigration law, our company will also provide required information to the employer and the worker on what is expected from each party by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
  • We also understand and are abreast of the varied and frequently reviewed requirements for different provinces and territories and ensure candidate’s admissibility based on those requirements. Kindly note that it is up to the immigration officer to determine admissibility satisfaction.

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